Laser Training and Aesthetic Consulting

Comprehensive Laser Training Courses and Aesthetic Consulting

Radiant Aesthetic Solutions has been formed to be a laser training resource for you and your office to provide necessary information and instructions to successfully integrate lasers for everyday clinical use and practice.  Our mission is to guide engineers, staff and owners of lasers to the necessary education to use, maintain and repair lasers.  While working extensively with lasers it is understood that proper training, experience and knowledge will develop the confidence to use lasers effectively.


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Laser Training Education

Radiant Aesthetic Solution’s course resources are designed to provide the trainee with in-depth knowledge of how to care for the skin, along with comprehensive advanced laser training. Trainees are taught the fundamentals of how lasers function, understanding of the clinical applications and how to practice laser safety. The comprehensive laser training courses are able to leave the trainee laser ready after completion. Education of common skin care practices are taught so that anyone can become successful in any section of the medical and aesthetic laser industry.

If you are looking to add lasers to your offering, it is important to learn the proper education regarding the methodology and usage of lasers. Whether you are a spa, clinic, or a doctor or nurses wanting to start your own practice, it is imperative to be properly trained in the usage as well as maintenance and repair of your lasers.

Advanced laser certification training courses have been designed to educate engineers and other medical and aesthetic laser operators with all levels of expertise. Information that is shared in the laser training courses are developed from clinical research. Current evidence-based information is available. Following a single course does not provide enough training and information to be considered an expert in the specified field of the course. Courses and training are a combination of multiple educational curriculum and hands-on clinical experience allowing for participants to develop valuable skills and become a certified laser operator, technician, safety officer, or mechanic and gain the experience to become an expert and a leader in the laser industry.

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